Never Too Hot To Enjoy The Theatre

Yes, it’s way too hot outside to form complete thoughts.  Yes, it isn’t going to cool off soon.  Yes, it’s virtually impossible to look forward to doing much of anything.  They say we’re the “Valley of the Sun.”  I say it’s more like the “Surface of the Sun.”  But, guess where it’s always a balmy 76 degrees?  Inside a theatre!  Plus, as an extra added magical addition to the “cool factor” a person gets to sit back and journey into a world that might include rock and roll presidential leaders, Junie B. Jones or some farm animals that get ahold of a typewriter and write a letter that just might change their lives.  I say give it a chance.  Brave the heat and get to the one place that will always make you feel transported out of the desert.  I know I look forward to being a part of the magic that is Childsplay.  I invite you to be “cool” with me.