“Rock the Presidents” Rocks!

When I got my Childsplay brochure in the mail, I read it with delight…”Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type” – Awesome! “A Wrinkle in Time” – No way – so cool! “The Giver” – Can’t wait! “Rock the Presidents” – awww…bummer.  Won’t be able to see that one. Sigh.

You see, “Rock the Presidents”  was performed last year, but I didn’t get to go. My kids went, my nieces and nephew went, and my husband went. Me? I had to work my part time job. Darn this bad economy and the necessity of paying bills.

I sat down with the gang to figure out what productions we were going to use this year’s set of play passes on.  They each had a brochure with the season’s offerings detailed, and together we start to make our Childsplay plans.

I start the process by saying “Well, since you have already seen “Rock the Presidents”, should we see “Rock Paper Scissors” first?

They stop me with a “Wait! But Mom! (Auntie!), you haven’t seen “Rock the Presidents”, and we want to see it with you!”

Well, how cool was this? While I know they all thoroughly enjoyed the production of “Rock the Presidents” (they all still mention it, especially with the current election season), I had no idea they liked it so much they would want to use our precious play passes  to see it a second time. With me. So, I asked them, what was so great about it?

The 18 year old: “The music was phenomenal. It is totally your kind of music. Plus, Mom, it’s Childsplay. When is it not awesome? Do you know if Yolanda London is in it again?” (I do not..)

The 15 year old: “I found it to be accurate, interesting and so much fun. The music is amazing.”

The 12 year old: “It’s quite educational, and your knowledge of our nation’s history is seriously lacking” (he isn’t wrong…). “Plus, the music is crazy good.”

The 11 year old: “It helped  me pass my president’s test in social studies. And it was so much fun!”

The 10- year old: “I NEED to see it again. I am learning the presidents this year. Plus the music is so fun, all I wanted to do is get up and dance!”

The 9 year old: “I did dance! And I want to dance again!”

I am always up for a play, and with that list of recommendations, it sounds like it will be a fun, music-filled experience. Just got the tickets, and I am super excited!

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  1. Ellen Conn
    Sep 13, 2012 @ 22:20:42

    “…Crazy Good!” I couldn’t agree more! 🙂


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