Adorable Click Clack Moo!

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing
Childsplay “Click Clack Moo”. I wasn’t sure I would attend at first; my kids noted that it was “recommended for 4 years and up” and thought it was “a little kids show”. They vaguely remembered the book that the play is based on and said they were too big for that story (typically, that is my kids’ favorite plays, the plays adapted from books). But I was very fortunate to have my young friend, Reese (4 years old) and her mom agree to go with me.
The stage, props, and backdrops were adorable. Very bright and colorful. The show is in the smaller Studio theater; perfect because it is smaller, cozy.
We enjoyed the story – the cows are cold and they want Farmer Brown to get them electric blankets. After several attempts to communicate with him, the cows find an old typewriter and type messages to Farmer Brown. In the story, there is also Hen (who is cold too) and Duck (who has his own dreams and wishes – for more excitement at the pond!) The toe-tapping songs had you wanting to clap and sing along. (I have to note that all of the actors are fabulous singers but I was particularly delighted to hear Yolanda London (as Cow 1) again; LOVED her in “Rock the Presidents”!)
The costumes were terrific; the Cows with their little aprons and Hen with her feathery full skirt. My friend did observe though she thought Duck should have had a duck tail.
I was surprised (although I should not have been; after all, this is Childsplay) that the story was deeper than I thought it would be. One of the songs was about a “revolution” and I could not help thinking perhaps that was subject matter for a little older than 4. But that is what I love about Childsplay productions. They challenge the whole audience – young and old – to explore new ideas. The show really had something for all ages. Even a few jokes that only the grown-ups understood and had them chuckling out loud.
So the three of us highly recommend seeing the show. My little friend, Reese said, “Yes!” she liked the show and Duck was her favorite. My friend and I laughed at the old typewriter and even the electric blankets (in Arizona!). Would kids even know what they were?! The topics of communication, conflict resolution, and working together were pertinent to all ages.
And my kids were disappointed they did not go – when I told them it wasn’t really just “a little kids show”.

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  1. Serrina
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 17:23:27

    My son and I have been attending Childsplay productions since he was 2 or 3. He is now 7 years old. He now asks me when the next play is! I typically get enough play passes to see almost every production that is suited for his age, during the season. Not only does my son LOVE to go, I love it. Childsplay usually has interactive activities, coordinating books and a question / answer session with the actors. He loves to talk to the actors and we keep all of the books to read at home. This is one of my favorite places to take my son.


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