Childsplay’s A Wrinkle in Time

I grew up in a small town and some of my best memories of that small town was spending time at the public library. The library was in a wonderful old, stone building that was delightfully cool in the summer.  It was there one summer that I first read “A Wrinkle in Time”. I still can recall what an escape the story was; one of time travel and a dangerous mission to save someone.

So when I saw that Childsplay was offering “A Wrinkle in Time” this season, I knew we had to attend.

I loved seeing the story come to life on the stage! The actors made the three main characters real and believable  – “tough” Meg, misunderstood Charles Wallace, and likeable Calvin.  We are soon feeling connected to the characters and joining them on an adventure to find Meg and Charles Wallace’s father.

As a young reader, I was introduced to the idea of time travel and watching Childsplay make these concepts come alive was astounding. With the use of lights and sound, the audience truly felt that we were witnessing “tessering”. The effects were very convincing. We felt like we were traveling too! Once they “land” on the planet where their father is, the effects for walking down long hallways and traveling in elevators is very effective. The audience felt as if they were also a part of the search.

In this production, the characters are likeable and compelling. The three characters represent strong traits: stay firm and strong with what you believe, being “different” is okay, and sometimes the unknown is a little scary.  Childsplay always does a fabulous job with presenting valuable lessons through their stories and this one is no different.

The stage set and special effects are amazing . Just the visual and sound effects were reason enough to see the show! Kids and adults both will be impressed! I could hear members of the audience “ooh!”  when the characters first space traveled.

So whether you have, or have not yet, read the book, “A Wrinkle in Time” is a wonderful show (and story) for both kids and adults. Older children and pre-teens would probably enjoy it the most.

Going to see this show, in a beautiful COOL theater, would be a perfect way to  spend some time this long holiday weekend!

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