“Schoolhouse Rock Live!” review by Jessica

Another toe tapping, bouncing in your seat performance from the folks at Childsplay.  Schoolhouse Rock Live! was a performance that took me right back to the good old days of watching these musical cartoons when I was a kid. My boys ages 8 and 6 really didn’t know what to expect when heading to the show and the car was flooded with questions about what they were going to see. My daughter was more than willing to give them her version of I’m just a Bill at the top of her lungs from the front seat of the car; silly teenager enter stage right. With this show being right at an hour of stage time it was perfect for introducing my younger children to musical performances. It was a nice blend of story line and music and education that had them all (me included) shuffling our feet to the upbeat tunes.


The set was layered with functionality: stacked boxes became shelves or television sets, or even hiding spots for hide and seek. My favorite by far was the inventive use of white boards and lighting to give versatility to changing words and reinforcing key points of the song. I was very impressed with the precision this took for the performers knowing exactly where their boards and bodies needed to be to execute this element of the show. One step to the side or a shift in position would robbed the audience of an important adjective or conjunction.


Schoolhouse Rock was jammed full of songs, old favorites like, Just a Bill, Five, and The Preamble, as well as our new favorites like Interplanet Janet and Unpack Your Adjectives.  All the actors and actresses did a great job of belting it out, the songs transitioned well and added some really funny moments that had us giggling long after the show was over. One of our favorites was when Molly Robinson who plays Shulie, held her hands up sporting three fingers on each side and making an “o” with her mouth transforming herself into a walking “WOW.” Since the show my daughter has tried it out on many occasions.  School House Rock Live is a MUST see, toe tapping, rockin‘, fun family experience.

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Marissa Reviews “Schoolhouse Rock Live!”

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My family had the opportunity to attend the Childsplay performance of Schoolhouse Rock Live! this past weekend. I must say I think I was looking forward to this more than the kids were!  I remember as a child watching Saturday morning cartoons and singing along with Schoolhouse Rock. When my oldest daughter was little we purchased the DVD and spent hours listening and singing. They have also used the songs at her school to learn about three, the preamble and various other things.

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I was curious how they could have made a play out of short song/skits, and I was pleasantly surprised that they found a way to make it a story that incorporated the songs; in a dreamy sort of way.

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What most impressed me about this production was the sheer physicality and talent required to pull this off. The four actors were moving throughout and singing the whole time. It was brilliant and made me wish I had the stamina to sing and dance for such a long time. They also involved the audience which was great and held the kids attention well.

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Of the two plays we have taken my three-year-old to, this one held her captive more than the other. She and my oldest daughter would sing along with the songs they knew, and the time flew by. My favorite part was three is a magic number, which my oldest daughter told my youngest daughter was her song, because she is three you know.

I am still singing the songs in my head a week later. If you don’t leave singing and with a spring in your step, you may want to try another way to relive your child, it is very worthwhile. This was a wonderful musical that the whole family can enjoy, I can’t recommend it enough!

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