Rachael reviews “A Year with Frog and Toad”


November 21st 2015 Childsplay Frog and Toad (6)

A Year with Frog and Toad the musical was a most enjoyable experience. Originally I had a babysitter for our twin toddlers so that my husband and I could take our 3 older children to the performance. The babysitter fell through so my husband stayed home and we offered his ticket to a friend of my oldest daughter, I know he enjoyed it because at the end of the musical he exclaimed “That was awesome!”

I appreciated the readily available seat cushions at the coat check desk to give my younger one the extra boost to see better. I do want to make a note that my youngest daughter who has sensory processing disorder was covering her ears during some of the song “Toad looks funny in a bathing suit” but none of the other songs. Not sure if the volume was actually louder or if there was a pitch difference from the other songs. To be honest it was the only song I did not care for, not in the sense of how it was written, sang, or even acted out which was all done wonderfully but in the sense that it made it seem okay to make fun of how Toad looked in a particular style of clothing. Not a very good lesson to be teaching. However this musical did teach good lessons like how to be a good friend, sometimes friends need alone time, how nice it is to get a letter in the mail, patience for our mail to get delivered by “Snail Mail”, and in general tells of a friendship that endures all seasons.

Frog Toad Archive 16

It was enjoyable seeing the Snail going “postal” and having the glittery light up shell while impersonating Elvis. The only costumes that made it hard for my youngest to tell what they were, were the birds but the actresses/actor played out the parts with perfection so that you knew they were indeed birds. When I asked my children and their friend what their favorite scene was the response was the “Cookies” song and the Sledding scene.

Frog Toad Archive 14

The “Cookies” song is where Frog, Toad, and other guests that stop on by cannot stop eating Toad’s freshly baked cookies. The music and fast-paced repetitive lyrics are very catchy and end with a great big mess! It is after the “Cookies” scene that starts intermission (I am guessing to give time to clean up the cookie mess).

Frog Toad Archive 26

I would say with all the music in it my toddlers probably would have sat still for this performance so I would even recommend it for audiences that young. I am half tempted to go see it again with the younger ones. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and maybe sing-a-long to A Year with Frog and Toad.

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