“Goodnight Moon” delivered!

Childsplay’s Goodnight Moon performance had every aspect of Margaret Wise Brown’s timeless book and then some.

Gnight Moon 01


They were able to incorporate “The Runaway Bunny”, the nursery rhyme of the cow jumping over the moon, and they even added in the tooth fairy! I was amazed when the bears sitting in chairs turned out to be tap dancing bears, who knew they had such talent?

Gnight Moon 07

This performance was also a good lesson in perseverance with telling the cow to try again and again and to believe you can do anything you set your mind to.

My older children were very curious on the workings of how the objects (clock, lamp, bed, etc) were moving around. The fog coming out of the doll house (tooth fairy’s workshop) was a nice touch. At the end of the performance they invited everyone to form a line if they wanted to come on stage and speak to the actors/actresses and explore the stage/props. I would say the play was just the right amount of time for the attention span of my two year old.

February 20th 2016 ChildsPlay Goodnight Moon (10).jpg

I will add this tip: arrive into the stage area early if you choose floor seating! I did not think about it and so we were in the last row of the floor seating and it made it a bit difficult to see everything especially for my youngest kids. Childsplay was very nice and accommodating to provide cushions and rugs to make the floor seating more comfortable.

In the lobby there was a Goodnight Moon photo booth (ipad) which took a series of 4 pictures which you could then upload to your Facebook or Twitter account. At the activity table the children enjoyed coloring/writing their own “Goodnight” stories. Next to the activity table, there was a small Goodnight Moon photo prop with chair which made for a cute picture of one of my little ones. I would recommend Goodnight Moon as an enjoyable performance for all ages.

Rachael Adelhelm
Family Blogger

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