A Very Hairy Javelina Holiday Review by Vicki

This past weekend I took two of my daughters (6 and 13 years old) to see Childsplay’s performance of “A Very Hairy Javelina Holiday” at the beautiful Tempe Center for the Arts.

I am not personally familiar with the book that the show is based on so I purposefully didn’t read about it ahead of time. I liked the idea of the characters and the story being revealed to me, and my children, for the first time at the theater. It was a big surprise to find out that it was a musical and the entire performance was going to be presented in song. I wasn’t expecting that and you’d think it would be difficult to follow along without dialogue, but it was actually quite the opposite. In fact, the lyrics were so great and the story was told so beautifully through music that sometimes you even forgot the cast was singing everything.

There are a few key messages throughout the show, but my favorite was that even though different people have different traditions for the holidays, it’s okay to be open to new ideas, new people and new ways of doing things. And really what it comes down to is JavelineBlog1.jpgspending time with the people you love and care about.

The set was vibrant and festive and I have to admit that until I saw the show I wasn’t into the holiday spirit yet but watching the characters trim their tree, and prepare their Christmas feast, made me feel a lot more in the spirit.

The cast of this show really did a fantastic job and both of my kids really enjoyed it. We laughed a lot, especially at the comedic delivery of the Coyote and the Nutcracker sequence. It also sparked a lot of conversation on the drive home with my 6 year old. I would highly recommend this show!

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