Our first ever trip to the Theatre! by Family Blogger Jessica

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to go to our first ever Theatre production! We took the boys to see The Phantom Tollbooth put on by Childsplay. It was such a fun experience all the way around. We had never been to the Tempe Center for the Arts and boy where we in for a treat!

You can see the beautiful building from the freeway driving in and the boys got so excited seeing it! It is the coolest building. Klyde kept saying “I’m so excited” & “Best day EVER!“. When we pulled up to the building it did not disappoint. It is so beautiful! We enjoyed checking out the building and the grounds. Its right on the Lake so we had a good time checking out the water and they had the coolest water feature the boys played in till it was time for the show to start.


We got to attend the pre-show and see some of the puppets that are in the show. WOW! Such detail was put into making those and they truly are a work of art! We got to have some snacks and look out over the beautiful lake. It was a great time to review the story with our boys. We had been reading the book Phantom Tollbooth to get us ready for the play and that made it so much more exciting for all of us.


The theater was so cool! The boys loved looking over the balcony. The only bad thing about where we sat was once the play started it was kind of hard for the boys to see over the railing since they are so short. So Klyde had to sit upright at the edge of his seat to get a good view. Luckily it didn’t bother him too much.


Klyde was so excited! He loved everything about it!


The boys and I waiting for the play to start!


The boys waiting for the play to start. We ended up taking our baby and he was a champ! Slept the whole time. The cool thing is they have a room for kids that are fussy you can take them into and still get to see the play and not miss anything!

The play was AMAZING! The actors were perfect for each of their parts and I was curious how they were going to make the puppets work and it was so good! It followed the storyline perfectly and hit all the main/important parts from the book.

The main character Milo found a tollbooth in his room and it takes him to a make believe world. This is where all the cool puppets come into play. He meets a humbug and Tock a dog with a clock in the middle of his body. They go on several adventures to different cities to finally return the 2 princesses back to the kingdom. It really kept us on our toes the enter time!  The run time was about 50 min so it’s perfect for young kids.

One thing I especially loved was how they taught lessons throughout the story. Like when Milo was at a feast and he realized he was going to have to “eat his words” literally! It taught the kids that you can do hard things even when it seems impossible! The most important lesson was to use your words wisely and for good.


The actors did a Q&A after it was over and it was really cool. It made it seem more intimate when they did this.


Like seriously! How cool is the Humbug puppet!


Milo is in the purple. He was so good! Also the spelling Bee puppet.

This really was such a great family activity. Our boys are already planning our next trip back to the theatre and want to see every production Childsplay puts on. We can’t wait for the next show!



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