Family Blogger Brandy recommends you “Fit [Go, Dog. Go!] into your holiday plans!”


If you love to laugh, you’ll have a great time at the Childsplay production of Go Dog, Go!.  From the opening scene to the very end, Go Dog, Go! is full of pure silliness and sensory delight. The book is based on the simple premise of five dogs (red, yellow, blue, green, and black) with human characteristics and the interactions of their day.  Much to my children’s delight and following the simplicity of the storybook, there were few human words and lots of barking dog scenes.

I was a little nervous at first if both of my children would be entertained and if the show would be engaging for the entire hour.  The answer was yes on both accounts!  From the very beginning, my three year old daughter was on the edge of her seat and laughing out loud.  My son was a little more hesitant at first but warmed up quickly with the scene of dogs playing baseball, one of his favorite activities.  Be alert, some of the dogs come off the stage and there is some audience participation.  My son absolutely loved that he was able to participate in part of the show and the other children and adults around us all seemed to enjoy that part as well.

The show follows the dogs through their activities of working and playing, going up and down, driving and crashing cars, and staying up playing at night while they are supposed to be sleeping.  The theme of friendship is explored heavily throughout the show and the actors really showcase the different aspects of friendship that children experience and can relate to – feeling left out in a group, having disagreements and making up, and playing jokes and pranks on each other.


After the show, the actors line up on stage for introductions and questions..  First the actors ask the audience questions and then they answer questions from the audience.  The questions from the actors followed the theme of friendship.  I really appreciated how the actors took several questions from the audience and didn’t back away from the hard questions – like why isn’t the red dog wearing red shoes? (Spoiler alert – because the character has a woodsy theme and the artistic director thought brown hiking shoes fit his character best.)
Overall, this is a lighthearted and engaging show that children and adults will both enjoy. We highly recommend finding time to fit this show into your holiday plans! 

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