“The Cat in the Hat” Review

I took my daughter to see The Cat in the Hat, and we had a blast.  She was very excited to see the performers enacting one of her books.  That was really the most awesome part- they stuck to the book.  The set accurately reflected the images and colors from Dr. Seuss’s work, as did the character’s costumes.  My daughter was duly impressed by Sally’s very tall, very red bow, and even asked her how it stayed on after the show.  The script also came directly from the book- word for word. It speaks volumes for Childsplay’s creativity that they filled the time between the words with action to embellish the story without compromising the original work.

Cat in Hat 09

The character of the fish was my favorite.  He was fantastic!  One warning- if you have smaller children, ask for seats that are farther back and up off the floor.  Close to the stage, all the seats are on the same level.  My poor daughter spent the whole time on her knees trying to look around the little boy in front of her, who was on his knees trying to see around the person in front of him.  Otherwise, we had a great time and I absolutely recommend it.

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Jennifer Reviews “The Velveteen Rabbit”

V Rabbit 20

I have always loved the story of The Velveteen Rabbit, so I was very excited to take my 5-year-old daughter to see it.  The set looked simple, a nursery scene with a big bed, a window, and oversized toys on the shelves.  The cast was small, but it should be, as the book is really about only a boy and his toy.  Both the set and the cast turned out to be wonderful.  The nursery scene came alive, literally, and I fell in love with Nana and her love for The Boy.  To be honest, Nana was my favorite character.  The rabbit was awesome, and the puppeteer did a fantastic job bringing it to life.


I had wondered how it would work, with an inanimate toy for the title character, but it was perfect.  The cast came out after the show to answer questions from the children in the audience about how things in the play worked, which was interesting.  I was very moved by the retelling of this child’s love story… when the rabbit became worn and shabby from loving, I saw in my mind my daughter’s beloved giraffe, who looks more like a horse by now and is part of our family.  The best part of the show, though, was watching my daughter’s face as she got wrapped up in the imagination of The Boy and the magic of the Nursery Fairy (My daughter’s favorite character).  I was sad for the play to end, and am so excited for the next opportunity to see a Childsplay production.

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