Playing with playbills by day, serious home cook and competitive card shark by night. Most evenings you’ll find Jen excitedly executing the meals she’s been studying from cookbooks that she and her family have found at one of their weekly library visits. She’s always hoping to dazzle and delight her partner Justin and their kids Gretchen (7) and Patrick (10) who (thankfully) are all equally crazy about good food. After a quick clean up, the family knows it’s time to shuffle a deck of cards or scoop up a handful of pencils for a post-meal Pictionary-style game.

They are always looking forward to their next adventure together whether it’s chasing airplanes (especially the daily British Airways flight), filling the kids’ National Park passports with stamps or learning to play their favorite song together on instruments at home. Gretchen wants to be a rockstar when she grows up. Which means, when they play songs at home, she’s the one on the microphone while Justin plays his electric bass and Jen sits side by side with Patrick on their piano. Patrick is also learning violin this year at school.

While the performing arts have always been a part of this family, this will be their first Childsplay Theatre experience. They’re expecting something special having already taken the behind-the-scenes tour. They were astonished to see that Childsplay had its own massive costume closet and prop workshop. They’ve already been scheming how they could sneak back in late at night to try on all the wigs, dresses and hats after everyone has gone home – ha!

They’re tickled to have this chance to share their experience with other families this season. They promise to soak it in and take good notes so they can do their best to share the sparkle of live theater versions of the books they’ve loved so much at home.

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