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Joy Brownlee
is the Author and Owner of “I Believe in Joy!” a Blog sharing positive news about Culture, Food, and Family at  Joy has lived in San Diego, California the past several years and enjoyed working as a Food Columnist for San Diego Family Magazine. Check out Joy’s fun kid snacks written with her 3 daughters at “Snacking with Joy!” @ Subscribers around the world rely on Joy’s Family Review Team to share honest information on educational resources, good eats, and multicultural experiences. The Family Review Team is comprised of Jerome (Director Dad), Joy (Leading Lady), a 9 year old Spunky Singer, a 6 year old Costume Designer, and an adorable 3 year old Set Artist. Live action follows this crew everywhere they go! Next up – Childsplay Theatre in Tempe, Arizona! Childsplay has a long history of enhancing the availability of arts into the community for every culture. It is with great excitement that “I Believe in Joy!” partners with Childsplay Theatre as a Family Blog Reviewer for this year’s opening shows! Subscribe today so you don’t miss a moment Online, Youtube, and at Childsplay Theatre!

Joy & the Family Review  Team will be looking for YOU at the next show, so grab your tickets and come say hello!

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