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Hi, my name is Julie and I am excited to be a Childsplay Family blogger for the 2016-2017 season.  I am married to my best friend, Dave and together we have 2 pretty awesome kids, Landen (10) and Caroline (8).

Besides my most important job being mom, I work part time in the financial industry and also coordinate the content of a neighborhood publication called Seville Living. I enjoy yoga, reading (memoirs are my favorite), going to the movies, and traveling (especially to California).

I grew up in New Jersey where great theater was a short train ride away in New York City. It was always a special occasion to see a show on Broadway. I attended college near Washington, D.C. which afforded more opportunities for live theater. In my junior year I spent a semester in London and actually took a course that required me to attend the theater (lucky, huh?) My favorites were always the musicals, the ones that had you singing and dancing on the way out (Mama Mia! The Book of Mormon).

When kids came along I knew that I would expose them to the theater. Enter Childsplay. We have been attending shows since the kids were old enough to sit still (well, maybe a touch before then).  Both kids have attended Childsplay Academy classes. It’s part of our summer tradition to spend a week with Childsplay.

Dave and I strive to provide our children experiences over things. We are all excited for another magical season of live theater with Childsplay!

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