Keith Mize.JPGKeith Mize is an investment adviser in Surprise, Arizona. When he’s not pouring over investment reports and corporate balance sheets, Keith likes to spend time with his wife, Darcy, and two daughters, Mackenzie (8 years old) and Madeline (7 years old). Keith’s eldest daughter is currently starting her 2nd year in a local junior theater group and her 6th year of dance. His youngest daughter has experience in dance and is now in her 2nd year of piano.  Keith and his wife are life-long theater goers. They are both firm believers of exposing kids to the arts in all their many forms. Keith and his family love to attend theater, musicals and dance performances, as well as museums and family friendly movies. In addition to the arts, Keith enjoys traveling with his family, dining experiences, politics, pirate history and tournament poker.

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