My name is Kellie Burkhart and I am very excited to be chosen as one of the Family Bloggers for Childsplay’s 2016/2017 Season. I have been coming to Childsplay performances for around 20 years and I have enjoyed every one.

I am a kid at heart and prefer the company of children to that of adults.  I have always told my husband that if we could pay our mortgage by me getting paid in leg hugs, my world would be perfect! Prior to having to leave the workforce to care for our son, I had worked with children in various capacities my entire life.

That being said, being “Momma” is the BEST. JOB. EVER!  I love Childsplay performances because they do a wonderful job of capturing the many themes that are important in childhood. I am thrilled to have my own child to share these experiences with now!

I am happily married to my husband of 17 years, who is a local teacher. He is a devoted Daddy, husband, son and teacher. He works 3 jobs for our family and we are very blessed to have him in our family!

Our son, Andrew, has cerebral palsy…but it does NOT have him! He is far exceeding what many doctors predicted for his life. If interested, you can read more about his inspiring journey to wellness here:

Speaking of breaking barriers… Andrew was a Kid Reporter for Childsplay last season.  You can read his reviews at the links below if interested:

Thanks Childsplay for choosing me! Let the fun begin! 🙂

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