Getting Started

To get started as a Mom Blogger for Childsplay, I had to meet with the Media Specialist, Samantha Johnstone, and the other Mom Bloggers at the Childsplay administrative offices. The offices are located in Tempe, in a converted elementary school that the city of Tempe sold to Childsplay at a minimal cost. I walked in, so excited to be in the building that creates the magic I so love to see onstage. Here and there are pieces from the sets of different plays I have seen. I want to point and whisper with my fellow mom bloggers, but I don’t know them, and sometimes it takes awhile to get to know  the weirdness and enthusiasm that is me. Didn’t want to freak them out by screaming. “OH LOOK THERE IS THAT DOG FROM “GO DOG GO” HOW COOL  IS THAT DID YOU SEE THAT PLAY WASN’T IT SO GREAT??”

We were given a tour of the offices, and got to see where all the creative forces of Childsplay do their thing. We saw where Childsplay Academy classes are taught, giving aspiring thespians a peek into the magical world of live theatre.

The absolute highlight of this visit for me was when we passed the copier, and none other than Jon Gentry was making copies. Jon Gentry!  My family and I LOVE Jon Gentry.  He is absolutely wonderful in every role he plays, from the Cat in the Hat in “Seussical”, to the Bunny in ”Good Night Moon”, to Eddie’s Grandpa Luke in “The Color of the Stars”. When choosing what productions we want to see, whether or not Jon Gentry is in it always is a factor.

I am pleased to say I did not scream “OH MY GOSH , I AM A HUGE FAN” and then throw myself on the poor actor in a huge bear hug as he made his copies.  Ms. Johnstone introduced him, and I smiled politely, never revealing my squealing inner fan girl. I did, however, the minute I could politely do so, text my kids. They were as excited as I was.  (“NO WAY!! He was making copies? So cool!!”)

I am also a huge fan of D. Scott Withers and Katie McFadzen.  I wonder if they make copies too?